It Happened in Paris

I never expected what happened in Paris. It was supposed to be a time to recharge, visit the sights, and enjoy being with my husband. Until I arrived in Paris, I had no idea how a different perspective and culture would help me appreciate what I’ve already achieved and inspire me even more.

For months now, I’ve felt driven to create consistent, informative content to share with you. It’s been so incredibly gratifying to receive your comments and emails on how something I’ve written might have given you strength or a new way of viewing life. Sometimes our greatest inspiration is in our challenges. Our past is not a ball and chain, but the school of life we get to draw from in creating our next act.

This goes for me too… I realized that I’ve been working so hard, I hadn’t stopped to enjoy what I’ve already created.

Once I got to Paris, and made that decision, THIS happened!!!….Read full article.


  1. I love that you received this gift of an alternate perspective. Funny I should find this blog post today as I sit to write my own post on a change of view on an event in my life from many years ago. I'm so glad Paris brought so much goodness to you!
    It also struck me that for this post on an alternate/altered view you chose a uncommonly used perspective on Notre Dame. I wondered if that was by intent or something that slipped in by way of your new vision. ;)

  2. Cyn, Thank you for YOUR perspective. Something for me to ponder.... You're so right, this perspective is rarely photographed but the reason I chose was to gaze at the gardens in front of me while Notre Dame was behind me



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