Every Woman has a Story...

 The power of your story, your life, your vision for the future...

Many writers will tell you that something happened in their lives that became a catalyst for their need to tell a story. I was inspired to write my first book after the birth of my daughter. My need was greater than myself, and often this is how it goes...

When Julianne came into the world, she was born with a severe cleft. I feared her early years in school before her surgeries were complete. Would she be teased? Would her little heart be broken? The only protection I could offer was to give her a fairy tale... a story of her own that portrayed her as the heroine of her own story... a fairy tale that could arm her with words and a vision for becoming greater than her physical story.
At 26, I see my daughter's story came true. Just look at her. There she stands with the man she is going to marry. Julianne claimed her beauty inside and out. She had the gift of an incredible surgeon and the courage to face surgery after surgery.

She was hit with the loss of her brother and her father and yet, she continued on. Julianne is now doing what she loves and building a life of her dreams. She's a woman who claimed her power and rests comfortably in her ability to triumph over adversity. That's my little girl and I couldn't be more proud.
And now I see the power of story telling and the written word...

Never was it more evident than when I decided to tell the story of the loss of my son. My book, "How to Survive the Worst that can Happen," gave me the gift of making Garrett's death mean something. Today, the book has helped so many families through the process of bereavement and it's won 5 awards. That book gave me the gift of giving Garrett's life meaning. It's his legacy, I was just in charge of bringing it to fruition. 

In the process of writing my books and my blog, I realized they had far greater meaning and purpose than I ever imagined. Through them, I was able to examine my life in a new way and heal my past. I learned that writing is one of the most effective tools of healing and leads to greater insight and understanding. It also helped me have an impact on the world because my words were helping people heal, grow, and soar into their greatness. Nothing feels better than that.

Every woman has a story, and every story has meaning and purpose. 
When you begin telling your story,
your future begins to awaken to the possibility of something greater. You’re using words to shape your vision of who you want to become...

It’s a living vision board and it shapes your legacy.

Has something happened in your life that inspired you and changed the way you thought about yourself? Do you want to write about it?

Do it! It will change your life.

If you’ve ever had a burning desire to write your story, this is an opportunity to fulfill that dream. Check out my website... I'd love to help you get started!

With Blessings...
my website and blogwww.SandyPeckinpah.com
my book’s websitewww.HowtoSurvivetheWorstthatcanHappen.com
You can buy my book on Amazon: 
How to Survive the Worst that can Happen

Testimonials from past participants:
I'm writing every day....notebook with me at all times....thank you Sandy Peckinpah....you've made a positive change in me....I can't wait to see where this amazing new journey takes me!!!!
 -E. Valerie Nyiri

The Writing Challenge, organization tips, and worksheets you provided are helpful, and your enthusiasm is contagious… 
-Susan Ullmann

I would have paid $5000 at a retreat for this information! Now that it’s over, it continues to carry the message YOU delivered, to inspire and trust ourselves, and WRITE NOW! Thank You!
-Grace Melinda Sermos


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